Egypt Days

Every year P.T.A sponsors a study of a country. This year we went to Egypt. Social studies, art, reading, science, math, writing and technology were integrated. Map skills of Africa were studied. The Egyptian Cinderella was read. We made picture frames with our names written in Arabic and we decorated them with jewels. These were our Mother’s Day gifts. In math we solved words problems about ancient pyramids. We also made pyramids and decorated them with Egyptian symbols.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Mummies

When I was at Egypt I went to a pyramid. We heard on the news that my teacher was kidnapped and taken there. So Tucker, Chad, and Hannah and I went to rescue her. When we got there, we went inside. It smelled yucky and all I could see was darkness. It felt sandy. Finally, we found a mummy case. We opened it and there she was, wrapped as a mummy!! We unwrapped her and went to the treasure hunt.
---By Tanner

On Egypt Day, my favorite part was the mummy. When we wrapped the teacher, everybody wrapped her up. It was fun wrapping up my teacher. My teacher was covered in white strips of cloth. It was funny. We wrapped long strings of cloth and tied it into knots to make it longer. She was twisted down to her feet. We laughed and laughed. It was funny. I liked it, my class liked it and my teacher liked it. We were like real Egyptians!
---By Simiyah

After we got off the plane, we went to the mummy wrap. The Mummy Wrap is a game where you wrap your teacher. After we wrapped our teacher, we wrapped each other. It felt weird. We did many other activities. It was very fun.

--By Brittany

The Egyptian Restaurant

In Egypt they served us mango juice and a cookie, beans and soft bread. Also, they served a different kind of bread with a fig filling in it. We did not eat on the floor, but we ate at a table like we do in Alabama. We got Egyptian bookmarks that have mummies and Egyptian people and Egyptian writing.
---By Morgan

My favorite part about our trip to Egypt was when we ate at the Egyptian café. I loved the Egyptian rocks. The colors of the rocks were purple and white. I ate Egyptian beans and Egyptian bread.

---By Maya

After we got off the plane, we went to the café. At the café we ate a tortilla, beans and an Egyptian cookie and mango juice. The cookie tasted like a graham cracker. In the café they had pyramids and Egyptian clothes. I liked the tortilla and the beans the best.

---By Katie

When we went to the restaurant I could see and taste many things. I tasted beans, bread, bread dipped in beans, a graham cracker, a cookie, and mango juice. I could see the decorations and all the food. It was very, very fancy. It all tasted good.
---By Tucker

On the Egyptian trip we went to a restaurant. We ate beans, bread and we got two cookies. It was really fun and we got to look at jewelry .The beans tasted like chili. The bread was taco bread. I dipped it in the beans. It tasted spicy to me. I liked the cookies. One cookie tasted like a sugar cookie. It was a little bit hard and soft together. We drank
mango juice. It was orange/red and thick.
---By Brianna

Pyramids and a Belly Dancer

We went to Egypt. We had a treasure hunt and we got to keep the treasures, too. After that, we went to eat in the lunchroom. A belly dancer danced for us! We loved how she danced!! She had a lovely gold, sparkly outfit. She liked my outfit because it looked like Egypt. I said “Thank you!”
---By Montanna

When I was at Egypt I went to a pyramid. We heard on the news that my teacher was kidnapped and taken there. So Tucker, Chad, and Hannah and I went to rescue her. When we got there, we went inside. It smelled yuck and all I could see was darkness it felt sandy. Finally, we found a case. We opened it and there she was. We unwrapped her and went to the treasure hunt.
---By Tanner

Plane Ride to Egypt

On the plane ride to Egypt, we could see a TV screen, hear different sounds, taste cookies and water, feel the hard crisp of the cookie. When you bit into the cookie, it fell in your hand like sand. The sounds were the man talking on the movie and the orchestra music.
---By Chad

The snack on the plane did not taste good. The cookies in the restaurant tasted like sugar cookies. I liked them! The beans were okay. I dipped the bread in the beans. The taco bread and the beans were kind of good. I loved the plane ride.
---By Candice

My favorite part was the plane ride. I could see, hear, smell, and taste many things. I heard the movie, I saw the movie, and I tasted the fig cookie and water. Then we pretended we landed in Egypt. The stewardess said we arrived in Egypt. Last we got off the plane and the stewardess stamped our passport.
---By Jarrod

On the way to Egypt, we watched a movie. We drank water and ate a snack. The snack was a fig cookie and I didn’t like it. When we got off the plane, they stamped our passports.
---By Noah

I liked it when they gave us a snack and water too. They put a movie on and made us listen to a radio. They talked in English and Egyptian. That was a fun day. Yes it was!
---By Anthony

Hunting for Treasure

The day we hunted for treasure I found rings, gold, jewels and stones. The stones were blue, green, white, purple, pink, light green, light blue, lime green, orange, yellow and dark blue. I felt a lot of sand and I also felt a lot of stones, rings, jewels and gold. When we found three things, they gave us a bag to put them in. I found more than 30 things. The rings were gold, also the gold was real gold, and the jewels were the same color as the stones.
---By Hannah

I found some treasures during our treasure hunt. Then I found some gold and it was real gold. What I found was a coin and three rings. Last we saw how many gold coins we had found and it was a lot of gold. Then we went to crafts.
---By Chase

We went to Egypt Wednesday May 10. My favorite station was the treasure hunt. I found rings and jewelry but the guy said if you find the human bone you have to put it back. He said in Egypt it is against the law to keep the human bone.
---By Abbey

The day we went to the treasure hunt, I felt a lot of sand everywhere. The sand was cold. We were looking for stones, rubies, rings, and gold. I think I found 20 in all. The stones were different shapes and colors. The person said there were human bones in the sand but I did not find any.
---By Colton

It was like another day except we were going to Egypt. It was going to be a great day. My favorite thing was the treasure hunt. We found all kinds of things like rings, coins, and blue pebbles. I found a rock that had rainbow colors in it like: orange, blue, red, purple and brown. We saw pebbles and coins in the sand. We heard the rain.
---By Whyatt